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Absolutely fantastic and honest service. Took my car in for an MOT 3 weeks ago and they put it through said MOT for a mere £195, brilliant I think. I even advised them of a puncture in my rear passenger tyre that I was aware of - nothing more than a flat tyre they said, pumping it up will be enough they said, lovely! Fast forward 3 weeks and, lo and behold, the aforementioned tyre is once again flat. Kwik Fit know what to do, they helped me out 3 weeks ago! Return to the garage I do, get a phone call half hour later I do, tell me there's a 6 inch needle pierced right through said tyre they do. Oh, the other rear tyre also needs replacing as there's no tread remaining they tell me. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have to pay a further £115 on a problem I reported to them 3 weeks ago to fix two tyres. My 3 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed being driven around in this blatantly unsafe car and I'm sure she'll only be too pleased to now go to the park instead of the theme park this weekend. Kwik Fit, I commend you!   16-03-16