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Quite friendly staff and a warm welcome, and one out of the two haircuts I've had there I've been very happy with (the second one, unfortunately, makes me embarrassed and ashamed to leave the house!). I went back to KB because I had a good experience overall the first time, and although it was a little more expensive than I'd usually go for, I thought I could tell (with the first haircut) that it was worth the extra. I was so pleased that I subsequently forgot that I'd been charged a few quid more than they said it would cost when I booked it. The second time, though, I was charged 50% more than the manager told me it would cost over the 'phone. When I booked, he told me they were offering a 40% discount iro a new stylist, because he was new. He worked out over the 'phone that it would be £30. He told me to tell whoever took my payment on the day that this was the case and that he had said so. Basically, he put a lot of work into telling me that it would be £30. On the day, though, he insisted it was first £55 and then £44 and, in the most condescending way possible, that I had misunderstood everything, though at the same time didn't seem to be able to remember speaking to me. I left feeling robbed (of my cash and of any chance of having a good hair day in the near future....)   15-02-16
Tags: Go with at least 50 per cent contingency cash due to unexpected last minute price hikes