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What can you say? Fantastic chippy run by fantastic people. They do all the usual chip shop stuff. I usually have a battered chicken breast (fantastic), or cod (equally fantastic)... they've even got a couple of nice fish tanks in there to while away the few minutes while your stuff is cooking. One of the few chippies I know of who open on a Monday (from 4 till 7:30). Really excellent quality food - 5 star hygiene rating too and they also do a discount for NHS card holders too. What are you waiting for? Get in there! Parking spaces available outside on Vauxhall Street too. My favourite chippy by far.   24-10-11


As I pass the place most every day I usually pop in to peruse the goodies. They have an excellent selection of pretty up to date hardback and paperbacks (I get most of my reading material from them)... and also seem to have a pretty good turnover of goods too, so that you're always likely to find something new. I've had some real bargains in the past and I'm sure I'll get a few more in the future. And, the volunteers are top rate too!   27-03-11
Tags: excellent charity shop