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Hi Graeme this is what I've gotten down so far, but feel free to adjust and tweak it.

Around six years ago I noticed A small verruca forming on my right foot, I didn't think much of it to begin with, I assumed with some verruca cream would rid me of the problem within a few weeks. I then found that it was not working and was actually intensifying and spreading on my foot, I consulted my local GP where I was given a prescription for some creams and acids I could use to rid me of the issue, after going through near enough every lotion and potion the GP had to offer over a long period of time I realised that I could be dealing with the problem for a long time, the next plan of action was a referral to have sessions of cryotherapy, after several sessions nothing changed and it was still slowly gaining mass and spreading on my foot becoming more and more uncomfortable. Feeling like nothing would ever beat the virus and rid me of the verruca. it was around this time I was deciding to change careers and pursue a career within the military but knowing I would not pass the medical.
I started to scour the Internet for options, I then came across Graeme's podiatry website informing me of different options. I booked a consultation where it was decided that verruca needling would be a good place to start, fast forwarding to the procedure I was skeptical that anything would help me at this point, but after a near painless surgery I found the verrucas to start retreating, with a few follow up sessions to remove any excess and now after a long and uncomfortable journey the verrucas have gone! Healthy skin has formed where the once unsightly verrucas were placed. I cannot thank Graeme enough for what he has done, when nothing worked he was positive his methods would and he was correct. I can now pursue my wishes for a military career thanks to Graeme. I only wish I had found him sooner!

Mr BG, Lead Instructor

Respect4Us, Norwich

September 2015
Tags: Verrucas successfully treated