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I was so lucky having Tony as my teacher for one year at CCN. He is really the good teacher.

He can be demanding if necessary but is always happy to help and I hold him in esteem for his individual approach to each other.

His lessons were never boring. He knows how to introduce a subject and explain it simply, even when studying the hardest of grammar rules.

In my opinion he does his job with passion and this is the reason why he is the great teacher.

I only had one problem... the lessons were always too short :)

Monika (Polish) Norwich


I would say that Tony’s teaching style is the best I have ever experienced. It’s not looking to teach general English, it’s based on what you need and one that lets you learn in the best way.

Ali (Iraqi) Norwich


Before I attended Tony's English language classes, I was very nervous as I was not confident with my English. However, Tony's teaching style gave me much more confidence as it was fun and he helped me to understand things easily. I especially like the way Tony identified my mistakes and weaknesses and worked one-to-one on whatever I needed help with.

Narisia (Thai) Leicester


What I can say about Tony is that he was one of my favourite teachers because he has done a lot for me. He always makes his lessons fun and easy. Students in his class learn and understand faster thanks to the way in which he teaches. I learnt quickly just because of the fact I was in class.

He is a special teacher and is very nice. He is good because he always makes sure everyone learns the lesson. If a student doesn’t understand, he is careful and patient in teaching them so they understand before moving on. He is really concerned about if students really understand the content. Some teachers only teach lessons and let the book teach them. Tony is beyond that point. He really helped students in our class and explained his lessons step by step. With his way, all the students passed their exams.

He is one of those sorts of teacher who is a good friend, interested and curious about music, food and culture from different countries.

He also makes the class laugh many times. That is another reason why he is a good teacher. Sometimes in class, he makes jokes when no one expects it and there is never a tense atmosphere.

He likes to give extra help to students too. Today he is not my teacher any more but he has given me his help many times via the internet explaining everything I need to know.

If he is your teacher, I am sure he will be your favourite!

Silvia (Romanian) Norwich