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In January we visited prima Donna my daughter in-law to be my daughter ,sister and Granddaughter.The service whilst in the shop was excellent however they promised as the bride was visiting from Dubai and could only return at Easter it would be no problem to have her dress ready for a fitting so we left happy having had lots of conversations importance of the dress being there at Easter as the bride being a teacher could only come back then and would to take the dress as the wedding is in Thailand..However when she returned at Easter with Easter closing etc and her being in Manchester they agreed to courier the dress to her ,great you may think but then the problems started the dress wasn't even in the country and they denied saying it would be there ,As you can imagine we were not pleased .After a very hard battle they finally accepted it was there fault She now has her dress but it has been so stressful and worrying my messages is be very careful what you are promised as the full payment had been made and they only seemed interested in the sale .The dress has arrived in Dubai very creased and needs to be altered which they also said could be done at Easter .Not the happy experience they promise ,They wouldn't even deal with me but insisted only with the bride which yes l can understand but as she was in Dubai with time difference etc not ideal .Be careful it's an important purchase and a very costly item .   08-05-18
Tags: Not happy