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All I can say about this set up is BUYER BEWARE. I bought two bridesmaid dresses in January 2013 for my small grandaughters to wear at my daughters wedding in May. The dresses arrived and we went for a fitting on the 30th March. To our utter dismay and horror the dresses were not matching, the hem on the smaller dress was far higher that on the shop sample ( which was far better quality than the two ordered) and the cut on the bias at waist was pulled so tight the child looked pregnant....She is 4 years old. The shop assistant phoned head office apparently Loulou Bridal London. There was no outcome satisfactory and as we were so distressed the shop offered our money back. No good to anyone seven weeks to our wedding and the flowers, decor everything had been chosen around the unusual colour of these two dresses. On the monday morning I phoned Loulou Bridal and had what I can only describe as a very heated conversation with a woman called Yvonne Macgregor who told me in no uncertain terms that the reason the dress on the smaller girl was like it is, is because she is fat and rude is that? She is certainly not either. To cut the story short this company has been no help whatsoever, NOT even an apology. What happened to good old customer service? So here we are trawling East Anglia for ideas. Oh and another thing another supplier of these dresses told me that they could be supplied at short notice on what is called a fast cut and would cost me another £70.00. So why did Crystal Weddings not offer us this? Please before you go here think carefully will they treat you the same.

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