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Awful service, arrogant owner. Booked an inflatable slide for my son birthday. As not heard from Ace since the booking day several weeks before, we called him the day before to ensure all was well and gave the final details for a prompt arrival. Doesn't arrive when scheduled!! Called him. He comes out with a weird excuse that the all the doors were locked when we have 6 witnesses that can say otherwise and another 26 or more witnesses that went though the same allegedly locked door (??!!). Finally turn up 2 hours 10 minutes later expecting us to allow him to inflate the slide then, knowing that the party would have ended soon. We asked him to just be reasonable and asked for a refund so that the party would end happily for everyone. Stone cold he tries his best with more excuses and arrogantly replies "I don't do refunds". What kind of sentence is that? Unbelievable!! Went through the sad dispute process of PayPal which we obviously won. Moral of the story, PAY CASH ON DELIVERY, if they don't deliver the goods, they don't get the money, you can make sure he will be there in time to collect the money!! Awful experience I don't wish anyone else to have.

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