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worst experience of my life, not only did she embarrass me and my friend but also the woman herself. The staff are rude and they don’t listen to you at all, they make you feel uncomfortable and they pull your hands and are so ruff when doing your nails. Me and my friend thought that you didn’t have to bring ID to prove you where under 16 to get the deal where it’s only £20 so, i didn’t bring ID and the woman was so offended by it and they were being so rude and when i tried to explain i didn’t have my ID they weren’t listening, by then i already had my nails done and was ready to pay, but because i didn’t bring my ID my nails were £25 but i only had £20 because the first time i went there they said it was fine. One of the women who was getting her nails done offered to pay £5 toward them and the shop women said “no no no she has to pay” and i had no other cash on me so once i explained that i didn’t have the right amount of money, the nail women grabbed my right wrist and got nail clippers and clipped off all my nails and said that i had wasted her and her husbands time. Once me and my friend left the shop i had acrylics just up to my normal nails would be, obviously i couldn’t leave my nails like that so to had to rip them off leaving my nails damaged and my act nails being ripped off and bleeding. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! DO NOT GO    23-09-18