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-fingernail mouldy after they removed my extensions due to unhygienic and dreadfully kept tools and equipment. One of my nails has completely lifted from my nail bed and completely split and paper thin!!! Totally appalled by the staffs attitude which was soooo rude and made me feel so uncomfortable!!! Worst experience I have ever had !! Firstly they completely moved me from one person to another four times and took it upon them selves to grab all my belonging and chuck them onto the floor including my open handbag which emptied all my belonging onto the floor. Then created a design which was the complete opposite of what I asked for! A lady shouted in my face when I mentioned to her that the design wasn’t at all what I asked for !! I never complain normally or write bad reviews but I was horrified at the whole experience and now have to go to the doctors for my infected nail beds!!! Which are very painful!!   02-01-18